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 Bernies Café -- Caving and climbing equipment from this Yorkshire based shop and cafe.
 Bob & Bob -- Located in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Offers full line of gear and related items. Includes toll-free number and secure order form.
 Calcium-Carbide.com -- Miner's Grade Calcium Carbide available online for poastage within the USA.
 CaveRock -- A build yourself cave suitable for the back garden. Pictures, costs and contact information. Flintstone's theme on main page.
 Caving Suppliers in the U.S. -- List of suppliers for US cavers.
 Caving Supplies -- Reknowned supplier (including online) of caving equipment based in Buxton, UK.
 CFR Lights -- A supplier of energy efficient lighting focussing on the Photon Micro Light. Reviews, descriptions, technical information.
 Daleswear -- Retailers of the Kingsdale and Goldflash ranges of caving undersuits, oversuits and tackle bags.
 DarkENDS -- Lightweight headlamp systems with some potential for use in caves.
 Deep, Dark & Dusty. -- A two hour video telling the history of the bathstone quarries of Somerset and Wiltshire. Pricing, photos and ordering information.
 Dragon Caving Gear -- Online caving and outdoor equipment shop.
 Exploration Design Studio -- A company providing a range of cave diving pendants and jewelry.
 Firefly Electronics -- Supplier of slave units based in South Wales, UK.
 Glow-Bug.com -- LED flashlights and gadgets.
 Gonzo Guano Gear -- Wide range of caving gear from this US based supplier.
 Growers Supplies -- Streamlight flashlights, Koehler lights chargers and batteries.
 HDS Systems -- The lithium powered LED Action Light, suitable for emergency cave lighting.
 High-Performance Flashgun Slave Unit -- Online purchase of Dave Gibson's slave unit specifically designed for caves.
 HitchnHike The Outdoor Shop -- Online caving equipment supplier based in the UK.
 Inglesport -- Reknowned UK caving mail order specialist based in Ingleton, Yorkshire.
 Inner Mountain Outfitters -- Online caving, climbing and rescue equipment.
 Karst Sports -- Caving, climbing, confined space and rescue equipment.
 Ktech Ledtronic -- White LED bulb collections suitable for Petzl torches from this Bulgarian company. Pictures, basic technical and installation information. Order by phone / email only.
 Nielsenlabs.com -- Supplier of a range of LED flashlights.
 On Rope 1 -- On-Line retailer caving equipment.
 Paul Deakin : Photographer -- Selling a wide range of cave and mine photos.
 Personalized Cave Photo tours -- A professional photography service that will record your cave diving trip in Florida Springs.
 PhotonLight.com -- Suppliers of the Photon Micro-Light.
 Rock-N-Rescue -- Specialists in Rope and Safety Equipment for rescue.
 Skedco, Inc. -- Rescue equipment including the Sked Stretcher and Oregon Spine Splint.
 Speleo Technics -- Specialist supplier of caving lights and lightin equipment based inthe UK.
 SpeleoArt Gallery By Speleobooks -- Original art, collectibles and jewelry available for purchase online.
 Speleolabs -- Branded, caving related leisure wear. Shop, product information and future developments.
 Stuart Kirby Lamps -- Supplier of industrial mining lamps and equipment including the Kirby Kidney Pack. Product photos, descriptions and prices; order by post only.
 Under Earth Graphics -- Prints, slides, and CD-ROM collections of cave photographs by Dave Bunnell.

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