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 4 Star Military Surplus -- Offers new, used, and surplus items; browse the inventory of clothing, camouflage, tents, and gear or request a full catalog.
 54 Army Surplus -- Offers firearms accessories, field gear, survival equipment, clothing, and collectors items.
 A and S Surplus Limited -- Army surplus clothing suppliers to the general public, cadet Forces, TA and regular army.
 A. R. Goss -- UK retailer of clothing and equipment. Offers a large range of military style goods including combat trousers of various types, jackets, camping equipment including tents and backpacks.
 AA Armory -- Carries military and law-enforcement equipment and supplies, outdoor and survival equipment as well as firearm accessories.
 Action Adventure Superstore -- Clothing and equipment for all adventure enthusiasts
 ADV Militaria -- Selection includes items from many different countries and time periods.
 All Genuine Military Surplus -- Offering military surplus bags, clothing, sleeping bags, rucksacks
 American Army Navy.com -- Offers camping gear, clothing, survival gear, and military collectibles.
 Appalachian Military Surplus -- Offers BDUs, jackets, military clothing, survival gear, knives and bayonets, firearm supplies and military manuals.
 Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet -- Offers bags, camping equipment, apparel, insignia and survival gear.
 Army Barracks, Inc. -- Carries clothing, knives, camping supplies, parachute supplies, footwear, police batons, and ammo cans.
 Army Navy Sales -- Offers t-shirts, pants, jackets, boots, camouflage clothing, knives, combat gear, field equipment, tents, hats, helmets, and collectibles.
 Army Navy Shop -- Offers military and police clothing, outdoor apparel for adults and children, accessories, optics, knives, camping, survival equipment, and various styles of U.S. flags.
 Army Navy Surplus -- Selection of clothing, head gear, footwear, personal equipment, including books, videos, and hunting supplies.
 Army Surplus and Adventure -- Offers British and US military clothing, gas masks, rucksacks, boots, survival gear and camouflage nets.
 Army Surplus for Less -- Offers army, navy and military surplus, catalog, and providing military clothing.
 Army Surplus of Colorado -- Includes clothing, boots, hiking, survival gear, videos, and night vision. Delivers within the U.S. only.
 Army Surplus Store.com -- Offers gun accessories, rain gear, insignia, clothing, head gear, and knives.
 Army Surplus Warehouse -- Offers hardware and tools, camp gear, clothing, boots, backpacks, first aid, and hunting supplies.
 Armygear.net -- Includes chemical protection equipment and suits, clothing, ammunition cans, cots, tents, and camping supplies.
 ArmyNavy.com -- Specializes in class A and dress military uniforms, dog tags, military sportswear.
 Arrowhead Trading Post -- Offers canteens, mess kits, full BDU's, and paintball equipment.
 Arville Productions, Inc. -- Includes army surplus, gear, uniforms, hats, patches, and boots.
 AWM Military Surplus -- Carries army clothing and equipment. Also military watches, camping, torches, rucksacks and tents.
 Barre Army Navy Store -- Shop for hunting, camping, and travel supplies, as well as surplus clothing and gear.
 Battlefield Adventures -- Retails law enforcement and military equipment and clothing, including packs, knives and compasses.
 Becketts Army and Navy Store -- British army, navy and air force, including waterproof clothing, boots, camping equipment, and accessories.
 Belleville Surplus Store -- Buys, sells, and trades equipment and clothing.
 Bradley's Military Enterprises -- Battle and dress uniforms, knives, optics, accessories, and military and law enforcement gear.
 Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd. -- Offers outdoor military survival gear including goods for backpacking and emergency preparedness.
 British Army Surplus -- New and used army surplus clothing, rucksacks, webbing, footwear, headgear, camping equipment, and vehicles.
 CamoShop.net -- Boots, t-shirts, and camouflage clothing and caps for adults and children.
 Camosupplies.biz -- Offers camouflage supplies, military kit, clothing, and footwear.
 CEL Surplus -- Specializes in Canadian military surplus.
 Central California Supply -- Retails US military issue gear, clothing and AR15/M16 parts.
 Coleman Surplus Store -- Offers U.S. and European items including camping, hunting, and survival gear.
 Dave's Army-Navy -- Includes collectible surplus with emphasis on US-made, items like Carhartt and Wolverine. Also carries preparedness equipment and supplies.
 Drop Zone Supplies -- Offers new and used British army surplus clothing and gear.
 Eagle Surplus and Survival -- Offers camo nets, BDU's and MRE's.
 Eastman Army Camp -- Specializes in British surplus, boots, clothing, and tents.
 EuropeanSurplus.com -- Retails European military surplus items, such as clothing, packs, camping and expedition equipment, field kitchen gear, and gun cleaning kits.
 Europlus -- Army tents, marquees, cookware and bedding.
 Ex-Army -- Mail order, new and used army clothing and equipment.
 Exarmy -- Includes jackets, trousers, shirts, head wear, footwear, bags, camping, gas masks, and chemical protection gear.
 Fatigues Army Navy and Surplus Gear Company -- Carries apparel, duffle bags, and boots, as well as camping and survival equipment.
 Federal Army and Navy Surplus, Inc. -- New and used hiking, camping, hunting, survival, leather goods, and collectibles.
 Field and Forces -- Specializes in military surplus for shooting, fishing and outdoor pursuits. Exports worldwide.
 Field Textiles -- Includes clothing and accessories, boots, paint ball clothing, hunting, shooting and fishing kits, and camping equipment.
 Flecktarn.co.uk -- German clothing and equipment, specializing in Flecktarn and DPM patterns.
 Forest City Surplus -- Offers a large inventory of items covering many areas.
 Forest City Surplus Canada -- Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, knives, dufflebags, and camping accessories.
 FortDix Army Navy and Paintball Supply -- Offering BDU's, dog tags, and camouflage. Offers a complete line of army, navy and marine clothing. Also paintball supplies.
 Fox Outdoor Products -- Includes bags and packs, outdoors, clothing, survival, and novelties.
 G.I. Joe Surplus -- Specializing in camping, hunting, sleeping bags, combat boots, knives, field gear, and insignia.
 GI Jane Military Surplus -- Selection includes military flags, firearm accessories, medals, clothing, knives, field gear, face paint, and rapelling gear.
 GI Military Surplus.com LLC -- Features BDU's, ammunition and military vehicles.
 GoArmy, Ltd. -- Carries military and law-enforcement equipment and supplies, outdoor and survival equipment as well as firearm accessories.
 GoGear Online -- New and surplus field gear and apparel.
 Golding Surplus -- Military combats, kit, and uniforms for camping and survival.
 Gordons Army and Navy Store -- Offers clothing, camping, knives, survival, rain gear, also paintball guns and martial arts items.
 Gorilla Surplus -- Carries tactical gear, military clothing and accessories, and chemical suits.
 Hull Street Outlet -- Military surplus selection, used and new office furniture, and foam rubber. No on-line sales.
 International Military Sales Plus -- Carries new and used outdoors and survival gear, including BDUs, dog tags, books and manuals, gas masks and MREs.
 Iron Mikes Military Exchange -- Offers clothing, gear, camping, and collectibles.
 Israel Military Products -- Online catalogue for Israeli Defense Forces and Army Surplus equipment, memorabilia and accessories.
 Jerry Leslie's Sporting Goods, Inc. -- Army and Navy Battle Dress Uniforms and hats. Children's camouflage clothing and Halloween supplies.
 Joe's Army Navy Supply Store -- Offers personal equipment, dog tags, clothing, ammunition cans, and books.
 Jones Surplus -- Provides camping equipment, clothing, and also sporting goods and law enforcement equipment.
 Kirk's East German Surplus -- Includes East German DDR uniforms, badges, ribbon bars, rank insignia, collar tabs, flags, and books.
 Kit Bag -- Manufactures and retails military equipment and clothing, with a focus on Australian items.
 Lee-Jackson Militaria -- U. S. militaria from 1900 to the present including flight jackets, field gear, boots, clothing, and insignia.
 Lichfield Army Surplus -- Combat wear including M65 trousers in a range of colors and British Gulf Issue original NBC suits.
 LoadUp Online Survival Surplus Army Navy Store -- Camping gear including backpacks, blankets, camouflage netting, mess gear, first-aid, MRE's, knives, sleeping bags, shovels, tents, and ammo cans.
 Lowestoft Army and Navy Stores -- Supplies outdoor clothing, work wear, footwear, camping equipment and first aid kits.
 M And J Surplus -- Clothing including BDU's, field jackets, and flight jackets. No on-line sales.
 M P Surplus Inc -- Offering military clothing, footwear, novelties, flags and childrens items
 Mad Dog Wholesale -- Offers surplus European equipment.
 Maine Military Supply -- Deals in military, survival, and outdoor gear.
 Major Surplus -- Selling surplus and survival items. Online catalog for camping, outdoors and survival.
 MASH -- Sells outdoor clothing and equipment, including sleeping bags, tents, rucksacks, boots and hats.
 Mil Plus.com -- Offers U.S. military vehicles: M151 'Mutt', Humvee M998 'Hummer', Elaboration kit for M151, technical manuals and U.S. military surplus parts. Site also includes a discussion forum.
 Milisupply -- UK army surplus, camping or outdoors, sleeping bags, walking boots, waterproof clothing, fishing, camouflage combat items, thermals, Goretex, and Kevlar.
 Military Outlet -- Offers police equipment, camouflage, ammo cans, berets, dog tags, BDU's, a large selection of insignias, rucksacks, MRE's and boots.
 Military Surplus Plus -- Specializes in US military surplus; also carries some after-market items and GI-style clothing.
 Mountain Gear Surplus Sales -- Sells reconditioned military tents and surplus gear.
 Mountain Gear Surplus Sales -- Reconditioned tents, clothing, and field gear.
 Murphy's Surplus Warehouse -- Large variety of military surplus, including communications, radar, and test equipment.
 Newport Army and Navy Surplus -- Offers military clothing and accessories, camping gear, nautical and decorative items, knives, flags and collectibles.
 North East Militaria and Surplus -- Retailers in military collectibles and army surplus.
 Perret's Army and Outdoor Store -- Retails army and navy surplus, as well as outdoor gear.
 Puma Industries -- Provides surplus items from aircraft, marine, industrial, restaurant equipment, exercise equipment, and sporting goods.
 PX Zone -- Includes clothing, gas masks, boots, and ammo cans. Also military links and a military message board.
 Ramco UK Ltd. -- Retails British Ministry of Defense surplus, including catering equipment, electronics and test equipment, office furniture, workshop and engineering equipment, and vehicles.
 Ranger Surplus -- Provides military, survival, camping, and outdoor gear and supplies.
 RDD USA -- New and used American, European, and Israeli military clothing, field gear and tents.
 RMC Associates -- Features WMD defense equipment, training and consultation.
 Rule 762 -- Offers gun parts, night vision, and outdoor gear.
 Russian Combat Gear.com -- Site specializes on selling a broad selection of modern/current issue of Russian combat/military gear, including clothing, tactical vests, rain gear, and outdoor equipment.
 RW's Country Store -- Products include clothing for adults and children, police uniforms, boots, knives, backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents.
 Scopetica.com -- Carries a large selection of surplus weapons, accessories, optics, and gear from the Israeli army, police, and security forces.
 Slow Stone Sarl -- New and used, collectible items, vintage clothing, accessories, and dead stocks.
 SMSGT Dave -- Includes boots, field gear, mess kits, uniforms and clothing.
 SoldierCity, Inc. -- Featuring military clothing, pins, flight and field jackets, and battle dress uniforms.
 SoldierStuff.com -- Free classified listing site with categories for military surplus, firearms, ammunition, and military vehicles.
 Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries, Inc. -- Specializes in military clothing and gear.
 Springfields Army Stores -- Includes dog tags, clothing, insignia, optics, camping and mess gear, and collector's items.
 Spruce Mountian Surplus -- Dealing in U.S. military surplus, including vehicles. Located northwest of Lake George, New York.
 Sterling Tactical Assault Gear -- Offers clothing, assault vests, pouches, cases, and accessories.
 StubbyGear.Com -- Offering military surplus, apparel, and tactical gear. From BDUs to Eagle assault vests.
 Stuff-II Military Surplus -- Specializes in U.S. surplus and survival gear including ALICE packs, clothing, and camping gear.
 Surplus and Outdoors -- Carries combat clothing, camping equipment and work wear.
 Surplus City Online.com -- Retails clothing, gear, manuals, insignia, and knives.
 Surplus Firearms -- Buying and selling surplus militaria, parts and accessories from around the world.
 Surplus Herbies -- Carries army surplus, military supplies, camping equipment and liquidated items.
 Surplus Outpost -- Offers hunting, para-military, and recreation apparel, survival, and camping gear.
 Swede and Sons Military Surplus -- Shop from the large selection of military surplus items; includes catalog of all items in stock with purchasing form.
 Tanksforsale.co.uk -- Sells and buys historical and surplus military vehicles.
 Ted's Military Surplus -- Includes clothing, packs, camping, optics, knives, videos, and manuals.
 The Camo Store -- Veteran owned online store that specializes in military, hunting and police camouflage.
 The JMC Company -- Offers new and used surplus items, including apparel, bags, pouches, holsters and police gear.
 The Military Kit Store -- Offers military vehicles, assault vests, personal equipment, radios and medic packs.
 The Surplus Store -- A family owned Maine business selling military and civilian outdoor clothing, camping and survival gear
 Tieken Group Inc. -- A selection of military surplus vehicles, boats and parts from Europe and North America, most with original packing.
 Tom's Kitbag.com -- Features camping, survival equipment, air weapons, optics, replica guns, knives, and uniforms.
 Top of the Range -- Specialist military equipment and clothing including ruck sacks, boots, sleeping bags, water treatment systems, GPS, lighting, and camping.
 Tustin Military Surplus -- Retailer of survival gear, clothing, and knives.
 Twin City Surplus -- Selection of outdoor supplies, pots, pans, stoves, lanterns, tents, and sleeping bags.
 U.S. Surplus Corporation -- Specializes in patches, insignia, optics, and military style commercial clothing.
 Unique Knives -- Retailer of military surplus and other outdoor products including mess kits, uniforms, hats, helmets, field equipment, back packs, knives, and swords.
 US Patriot Store -- Specializes in Drill Instructor gear.
 USGI Military Surplus -- Offers helmets, vests, gas masks, chemical protection gear, packs, and firearm parts.
 Vanguard Products -- Includes clothing, webbing, and mess gear.
 Wasserman Enterprises -- Offers battle dress, boots, stun guns, optics and gas masks.
 West Coast Army Navy.com -- Offers camping equipment, knives, tents, blankets, and hiking clothes.
 Western European Products -- Specializes in European military surplus clothing and equipment. Includes categories by type and national origin.

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