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 9er's Lures -- Manufacturer of umbrella rigs, jigs, shads and lead heads.
 Accent Fishing Products -- Offers buzzbaits, spinner baits, jigging spoons, and jigs.
 Action Baits -- Hand poured, soft plastic custom bass baits.
 Advantage Bait Co. -- Manufacturer of custom hand poured bass fishing baits.
 Al's Goldfish Lure Company -- Spoons, plugs, saltwater lures, and fishing accessories.
 Alsworms - -- Handpoured worms and jigs.
 Angler's Alley -- Suppliers of custom crank baits, soft baits, and fish attractants for bass anglers.
 Angler's Tackle Box -- Fishing tackle retailer.
 Anglers Addiction -- Fishing tackle.
 Angling Innovations -- Specialized lures for bass, stripers, and crappie, plus fishing information.
 Arkie Jigs -- Complete line of jigs and soft plastic lures.
 Awesome Bait Company -- Hand crafted soft balsa crank baits.
 B-17 Fishing Lures -- Designs and manufactures fishing lures and flies.
 Backwoods Tackle -- French style and In-line spinners.
 Bad Dog Lures -- Makers of freshwater lures specializing in lures for ice fishing.
 Baiters Box -- Salt water lures and box.
 Bass Assassin -- Soft plastic fishing lures.
 Bass Fanatic -- Fishing lures and baits.
 Basshole Baits -- Hand poured soft plastic baits.
 Bearpaws Custom Handpoured Baits -- Plastic baits.
 Bestbassbaits -- Hand poured baits, spinner baits and buzz baits.
 Big Bass Tackle Company -- Bass fishing lures and tackle.
 Big Bite Baits -- Makers of freshwater and saltwater fishing tackle including worms, grubs, tubes, lizards, minnows and shads.
 Big Head Crappie Jigs -- Crappie fishing jigs for vertical fishing.
 BigDaddye Creations -- Hand crafted original jigs for bass and crappie fishing.
 Bill Norman Lures -- Manufacturer of Norman Lures crankbaits and Bulldog Lures spinnerbaits and jigs.
 Billy Phillips Lures -- Makers of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.
 Black Bart Lures -- Manufacturer of Black Bart big game trolling lures and offshore tackle since 1966.
 Black Bart Lures -- Manufacturer of Black Bart big game fishing lures.
 Blue Water Tackle Supply and Charters -- Fishing tackle.
 Blueoceanlures.com -- Custom made big game fishing lures.
 Brighton Lure Manufacturing Corp. -- Manufacturers of the VibraSound lures.
 Brighton Lures -- Makers of Vibra Lure and Rib Minnow baits.
 Bum Baits -- Hand poured saltwater soft plastic baits.
 Bumper Stumper Lures -- Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs.
 Cactus Critter Hook and Tackle Company -- Quality fishing tackle.
 Carolina Lures -- Salt and fresh water fishing takle.
 Carpenter's Fishing Lures -- Glitter Spinners.
 Cavitron Buzzbaits -- Designed to intrude deep into above surface heavy cover and open water areas.
 Component Systems Lure and Jig Paints -- Manufacturer of vinyl and powder lure and jig paints for the fishing tackle industry. Our brands include PRO-TEC, PRO-FLAKE and others.
 Conquistador Tackle -- Marketing their own double-hook rigged plastic worms.
 Crappie Magic -- Kits feature hand painted jig heads and come in variable sizes to meet your needs.
 Crappie Pro -- Durable baits that will last fish after fish.
 Crow's Jigs -- Handcrafted crappie jigs.
 Custm Glo -- Glow fishing lures.
 Del-Mart Molds -- Quality aluminum molds for soft plastics.
 Demon Jigs -- Specializing in saltwater fishing jigs.
 Denovo Fishing Lures -- Multiple blade inline spinners.
 Dick Nite Spoons, Inc. -- Fishing tackle and Fishermun's lure coat fishing tackle paints for freshwater and saltwater.
 Dicks Pro Style Lures -- Makers of hard baits, soft baits, and custom made rods for the bass fisherman .
 Discountlures.com -- Fishing lures.
 DMac Lures -- Custom fishing lures.
 Dorazio Tackle Co. -- Northern Pike and Muskie lures including the famous bootail, a maraboo bucktail.
 Drifter Tackle Incorporated -- Manufactures the Believer and other lures.
 Dudleys Baits -- Fishing lures.
 EBait Fishing Lures -- Tackle shop for freshwater fishing lures.
 Eiland Lure Company -- Makers of soft plastics and jigs for the bass fisherman.
 Extreme Bass Lures -- Fishing tackle.
 Extremelures -- Megabait lures.
 Fish Magician Tackle -- Spreader bars, daisy chains, custom rigging, articles on using spreader bars and multi-lure trolling rigs.
 Fishermans Market, The -- Hand poured, scented, and biodegradable soft plastic lures.
 Fishin' Plus -- Store specializes in spoons and crankbaits for trolling.
 Fishing Lures and Nautical Gifts -- Products include hydraulic fishing lures, lawn lighthouses and nautical gifts.
 Fishing Products By Chaser -- Source for the striper and white bass products.
 Fishing Tackle -- Frisky Fly and Bingo Bug Fishing Lures.
 Fishmaster Lures -- Soft plastic fishing lures.
 Fishtek -- Fishtek is a UK company that manufactures Jelltex softbaits, mirror finish jigs, and patented weak link lure savers.
 Flat Shad Baits -- Hand-made crankbaits made of cedar and balsa wood.
 Flat-Bellies.com -- Offering line of hand-poured soft plastic lures.
 Fox Creek Lures -- Site offers lures made from lead-free jewelers pewter.
 Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits -- Makers of soft plastic baits for bass offers hard baits and tackle.
 Gator Lures LLC -- Fishing Lures.
 GlowOptics Glass Fishing Jigs -- Glass fishing jigs.
 Gold Canyon Bait Co. -- Offering soft plastics used on Western lakes.
 Great Lakes Tackle Supply -- Manufacturers of ice fishing lures, jigs and spoons.
 H & H Industries -- Manufactures and sells topwater lures.
 Hard Core Lures -- Specializing in offshore and inshore lures and fishing tackle.
 HardBaits.com -- Fishing lures.
 Hawaii Opihi Shell Lures -- Lures made of opihi shell for Marlin, Mahimahi, Tuna, and Wahoos.
 Hawg Buster Bait Company -- Manufacturer of bass fishing lures. Includes product information, company FAQs, and contact details.
 Headlock Lures -- Hand crafted big game trolling lure.
 Heather Cove Lures -- Offering unique lures for the fresh and salt water fisherman as well as information about West Hill Pond in Northwestern Connecticut.
 High Roller West -- Fishing lures.
 HighRollerWest -- Western fishermen use these fishing lures for smallmouth and largemouth bass, dorado, stripers, marlin and tuna.
 Hook Up Lures -- Makers of jigs for coastal waters and offshore rig fishing.
 Hookshack -- Markets baits for bass, trout and salmon by Perry Lures
 Hustler Lures -- Fishing lures with custom paint jobs and crankbaits.
 J and B Sales -- Lockett Lures shop offering soft and hard baits for freshwater anglers.
 Jam Jigs -- Handmade lures and jigs.
 Jammin Jigs -- Fishing and ice fishing jigs.
 Jaslures -- Handmade saltwater fishing lures.
 Jig Source -- Fishing tackle, hard and soft baits, line and sinkers.
 Jiggernaut Tackle -- Cornwall spinners, worm harness and jigs.
 Jigs, Rigs and Stuff -- Bucktail Jigs, tuna, sriper and cod rigs.
 Jigs.Biz -- PJ's lures, fishing jigs, flipping jigs and spinner baits
 Jimmy Fish Lures -- Hand-crafted bass fishing lures.
 Jimmy Jigs -- Handcrafted crappie and panfish jigs.
 Jolly Lures -- Manufacturer of hard and soft plastic fishing lures.
 Kens Lures -- Innovative flashing and wiggling lures suitable for day and night fishing.
 Kicker Lure Company -- Bass jigs and soft plastics.
 King Cole Baits -- Fishing lures and jigs.
 Kitchen Sink Fishing Lures -- Fishing lures.
 Lake Trolling Flies Co. -- Fishing flies and spinners adapted for trolling lakes and reservoirs for trout.
 LakeFlyer.com -- Custom Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits.
 Laketown Pro Baits -- Jigs and tackle.
 Larry's Lures -- Manufacturer of personalized trolling lures for use as deep-sea and inshore sport fishing tackle.
 Ledford's Custom Tackle -- Hand made spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, bucktail jigs, crappie jigs, inline spinners and custom lures.
 Legendary Lures -- Handcrafted wooden fishing lures in a folk art tradition.
 Lindquist Bros Bait Company -- Makers of Canadian Wiggler and Cisco lures.
 Lip Ripperz -- Plastic lures.
 Little Zim Lure -- Fishing Lure.
 Liv-O-Lure -- Makers of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs.
 Lucinda Lures -- Handcrafted hard baits direct from the manufacturer. Prices are in Australian Dollars.
 Lucky Strike -- Producer of spoons and plugs.
 Lunker Lunch Box -- Makers of the Tubefish, a hand poured soft plastic bass fishing lure.
 Lure Secure -- Tackle storage system.
 LuresLures.com -- Fishing lures that provide continuous live action.
 M & N Tackle -- Manufacturer of buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs for bass fishermen.
 Mack's Lure Inc -- Offers slow presentation baits for Bass, Kokanee Salmon, Trout, and Walleye.
 Madame Lures -- Hand painted design and cartoonish characteristics.
 Magneto X Lures -- Saltwater Lures for all type of pelagic gamefish.
 Mango Fishing -- Manufacturer of fishing lures for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
 Mann's Bait Co. -- Manufacturer of hard and soft baits for the bass angler.
 May Tackle Component Superstore -- Fishing tackle components.
 McGuinness Fishing Products -- Bass fishing lures and fishing rod racks. Includes product information and testimonials.
 Megastrike -- Lure enhancer and scent.
 Mesa Tackle Supply -- Custom hand poured soft plastics lures.
 MG Lures -- Specialzing in bass lures.
 Midsouth Tackle Manufacturing -- Fishing lures.
 Millie's Bucktails -- Freshwater and saltwater bucktail jigs.
 Moe's Glow Grubs -- Glow Grubs, jigheads, plastic bodies and fish attractants.
 Munch Baits -- Hand crafted crankbaits and jigs for bass fishermen.
 Muskie Thrills -- Hand made hard baits for muskie fishermen.
 Musky Innovations LLC -- Northern Pike and Muskie lures including the Bull Dawg and Invader soft plastic baits.
 Nelsons Big Fish -- Big lures for serious anglers after big musky and northern pike.
 NJ Tackle Company -- Tin lures, lead jigs, wooden plugs and other saltwater fishing tackle.
 Ohio Pro Lure -- Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs.
 P.A. Lures -- Fishing lures.
 Parker Lures -- Manufactures and sells Parker Lure crankbaits. Site includes links and other information about bass fishing in Texas.
 Patriot Lures -- Buzz baits, jigs, and spinner baits.
 Peacock Lures -- Fishing lures.
 Photon Lures -- Manufacturer of handcrafted fishing lures that glow in the dark.
 Picasso Outdoors -- Manufacturer of Bass fishing lures.
 Pike fishing tackle -- Hand made wire traces for pike fishing.
 Polymer Lures -- Polymer clay fishing lure plans and supplies.
 Pope's Jigs -- Jig heads and bucktail jigs.
 Pro's Choice Lures -- Bass fishing lures, made by fishermen for fishermen.
 R. Lauzon Fishing Lures -- Sells over 200 different fishing lures, and includes a printable order form.
 Raindance Lures -- Sells spoons and hard baits primarily used for Chinook, Coho, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout, and Lakers.
 Reaction Baits -- Fishing lures and tackle.
 ReAction Lures -- Tackle shop offering freshwater and saltwater lures.
 Red Eye Lures -- Trolling Lures for salt water fishing.
 RedShad.com -- Bass jigs.
 Riptide Lures -- Jigging lures and trolling spoons.
 River Rippers Fishing Lures -- Made in Canada.
 River Walleye Tackle Co. -- Innovative walleye fishing tackle and equipment design technology for use in rivers and lakes.
 Rum Point Productions -- Chum Buddy brings your fish closer to the hook.
 S.O.B. Fishing Products -- Retailer for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs, and crankbaits.
 Seagar Cigarplugs -- SEAGAR cigarplugs are an all species trolling bait that really smokes ‘em good. This burner darts and dashes loud and brash with explosive surface action like a hungry gamefish’s next meal.
 Seb Bass Custom Lures -- Custom painting of crankbaits.
 Set the Hook -- Freshwater fishing lures.
 Shammilures -- Plastic swimbaits.
 SilverBullett Tackle, LLC -- Fishing lures and attractant.
 Silverfox Tackle -- Site offers spinners and floats for the walleye fisherman.
 Slammer Crankbaits -- Northern Pike and Muskie lures.
 Sliding Weight Hooks and Baits -- Tackle for fishing soft plastics.
 Smart Lures -- Soft plastic shad bodies for muskie and northerns.
 Snack Daddy Lures -- Fishing lures.
 Snag Proof Co. -- Specializes in weedless fishing lures.
 SnakeBite Custom Fishing Tackle -- Hand poured soft plastic baits for bass fishermen.
 Snook and Bass Minnow -- Handmade wooden top water lures.
 Snowcrest Lure Mfg. -- Makers of fishing tackle including spinnerbaits, spoons, bucktail spinners and jigs.
 SoftBaits.com -- Soft plastic lures.
 Spinjig Lures -- Homemade fishing lures.
 Spintec -- Manufacture of latex tube spinning lures.
 Springtime Bass -- Hard and soft lures from a variety of companies.
 Squidly Hook-Ups -- Makers of specialty rigs for fishing with squid.
 Stanford Lures -- Creates cedar crankbait lures.
 Stocker Wobbler Game Fishing Lures -- Live baitfish rigs for trolling.
 Strike On Lures -- Specializing in jigs, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits with hare dressing.
 STS Custom Tackle -- Manufactures and sells offshore trolling lures for a variety for offshore big game fish.
 Swamp Fox Lures -- Handmade spinnerbaits and buzzbaits for bass fishing.
 TalleyWakker Spinnerbaits -- Custom, hand-made spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.
 Tamiron Sporting Goods Inc. -- Controlled speed trolling spoons.
 The Billfish Lure -- Skirted lures poppers and leather bound rods for sport and big game fishing.
 The Drop Shot Store -- Manufacturing tournament tackle for drop shot fishing.
 The Perfect Jig -- Fishing jigs for salmon, trout and steelhead.
 The Tackle hole -- Custom fishing flies and lures.
 The Wiggy -- Fishing lures.
 Tidal Water Lures -- Manufacturer offers finished or unfinished jig heads.
 Tight Line Anglers Products -- Fishing products for the professional and amateur anglers.
 Toledo Tackle USA -- Fishing Lures.
 Tournament Cable Saltwater Fishing Tackle -- Big game saltwater fishing tackle for the offshore angler.
 Tourney Jigs -- Handmade bass jigs, bear hair, bucktail, and lead heads for tubes.
 Triumph Jigs -- Hand tied fishing lures.
 Tyee Tackle -- Tackle shop offering freshwater and saltwater lures.
 U-Make Lures -- Handcrafted lures, plans, and kits.
 United Bass -- Bass fishing lures.
 Vermont Lures -- Handmade spinners for multiple species of freshwater fish.
 Voyageur Tackle -- Fishing tackle and sinkers.
 Wahoo King -- Saltwater trolling lures for wahoo, tuna, marlin, dolphin, kingfish and sailfish.
 Walleye Fishing Lure -- Custom built walleye spinners and tackle.
 Warmisham Tackle -- Handmade flies and lures from Australia.
 Wave Worms -- Plastic lures and baits.
 Weasel's Walleye Wackers -- Handmade fishing lures.
 Webbs Baits -- Custom hand poured plastic worms for bass fishing.
 Weight-a-minute -- Manufacturers of sea fishing pirks and lures.
 Western Hand Poured Lures -- Makers of soft plastic bass lures.
 Wigstons Lures -- Manufacturer of Tasmanian Devil fishing lures.
 Willy Lures -- Manufacture of Little Willy, Willy Spoons, and Willy Magnum stainless steel lures.
 Wishmaster Big Baits -- Handcrafted cedar big baits for saltwater and freshwater fishing and for display.
 Wobblerworld -- Lures from Finland.
 X-Citer Baits -- X-Citer baits and lures.
 Yo-Zuri Fishing Products -- Manufacturers of hard baits for both fresh and saltwater. Offerings include line and apparel.
 YourLures.com -- Table top fishing lure manufacturing. Complete course of lure making instruction written for novice and pro.
 YUMbaits.com -- Soft plastic lures with natural enzyme attractant plus salt.
 Zip Lure -- Official web site to buy the as seen on tv fishing lure.
 Zoom Bait Company -- Manufacturers of soft plastic baits including lizards, worms, tubes, and craws.

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