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 Hook Removers  Knot Tying Tools
 Rod Holders

 Albackore Fishing Tackle Bags -- Designed by anglers for anglers.
 American Bandit -- Marker buoys and tackle for salt water fishermen.
 Angling Technics Baitboats -- Supplier of remote controlled baitboats for fishing.
 Aqua Dart Fishing Floats -- Long distance casting floats that can be easily seen from a distance and can be used with most live baits.
 AquaCrib -- Cost-effective means of encouraging sport fish propagation. Permanent habitat for fish in inland waters, especially deep lakes that lack protective vegetation. Durable shelter for fish through all life cycles. Features contact information.
 Bait Pocket -- Wear your bait in a pocket.
 Bald Eagle Fish Scaler -- Fish cleaning machine.
 Bass Medics -- Products to improve fish health after release.
 Beachcarts USA -- Fishing beachcarts used to carry your gear over sand.
 Beeline Corp -- Fishing swivels.
 Beeline Corporation -- Supplies fishing tackle and equipment from Korea.
 Big Ten Tackle -- The bobber with a brain a no line stopper float.
 Bite-Lite -- The 'Bite-Lite' flashlight is used by fishermen to illuminate their fishing pole at night.
 Boga Grip -- Featuring a fish handling and weighing tool. Weighs fish up to 15 and 30 pounds.
 Capt. John's Crabsnares -- Crabsnares works with the fishing gear you already own and fits in your tackle box. No need for crabpots or crabring when you go crabbing.
 Captain Crabb Bait -- Manufacturers of crabbing products traps, harnesses and bait baskets.
 Carp Fishing Bite Alarms -- Alarms and extension boxes designed, and manufactured in England.
 Carp Wizard -- Catch surface carp using this floating rig. Features tips on using this product.
 Catfish Getters -- Fiberglass bank fishing pole.
 Challenge Plastics -- Diverse line of fishing equipment from minnow buckets to fish scalers.
 Clip It -- Leader and sabiki rig holder that snaps onto the rod or stores easily in a tackle box.
 Dial-a-Depth -- Controlled depth fishing float.
 Dipsy Doodle Noodle -- A fishing device that floats in the water and does not require a fishing pole.
 Dive Bob -- The Dive Bob is a patented fishing bobber and lure designed to turn live and natural bait into an active lure.
 Equalizer Scales -- Equalizer Scales for tournament weigh-ins. A full line of digital scales that weigh total creels or individual fish.
 Everlasting Slip Bobber -- Sets a new standard of reliability in slip bobber fishing. World's only custom float selector lets you pick the colors, sizes, quantities that you want.
 Finovationz -- Tackle-Rack lure management system.
 Fish-n-Mate -- Utility cart made of aluminum with inflatable tires.
 Fisherman's Rodrule -- A quick and easy tool for anglers to measure their catch with accuracy. Great for those practicing catch and release.
 Holdzit Fishing Products Inc. -- Lubricated fishing tool holsters that stop fishing tools from rusting.
 Illumi Net -- Landing net attachment that glows in the dark.
 Intruder Inc. -- Fishing accessories and fish cleaning items.
 Keeper Manufacturing -- Fishing rod holders and bait boxes.
 Kingfish Wire Rigging Tool -- Kingfish wire rigging tool created and manufactured by long time kingfish tournament fisherman.
 Lakeside Designs -- Onrod is an electronic bite alarm which fits on the rod.
 Line Sickle -- Cuts monofilament to 80 pounds, spider wire or braided line cleanly. Sharpens hooks, hones knives and has a line keeper.
 LineDancer Inc. -- Device that enables any angler to increase lure vibration.
 Lure Rattles -- This site offers fishing lure manufacturers the unique ability to custom design glass and steel ball rattles that exactly fit their products.
 Lure Savers from D C Sports -- Lure saving device.
 Mechanical Fisher -- Manufacturer of Fishing YoYos, mechanical fishing reels.
 Michelle's Crab Snares -- Manufacturer of crab snares.
 Mick Thill Floats and Bobbers -- Delicate presentation with the proper float.
 Mint Trading Company -- Fishing tackles, fishing tools, fishing knives, fish landing nets and fishing scissors.
 Musky Lunch Box -- Tackle box for the Muskie fisherman.
 Oldlure.com -- Display stands for fishing lures, Safe-T-Shield hook protectors and hook tubing.
 P&P Rattle -- Manufacturer of glass rattles and fishing accessories for freshwater and saltwater fish.
 Piranha Fillet Boards -- Fish cleaning fillet board.
 Rainbow Exports -- Manufacture of carp fishing accessories, fly tying and fly fishing accessories.
 Redi-Rig Tackle, Inc. -- In-line depth control. One product allows float fishing at any depth. Another product allows a weight to be placed on a line at anytime.
 Reel Saver? Lubricants -- Reel Saver? is a fishing reel lubricant.
 Rigroller by Finovations -- Organize walleye snells, lindy rigs and spinners.
 Rosco Incorporated -- Fishing snaps, swivels and terminal tackle.
 Rudy's Snell Tyer -- Fishermans knot tying tool will tie any size hook or line.
 Safe-T-Shield -- Hook protectors that prevent hook scars on your lures and to protect fingers as well.
 Scout-4-Fish -- Find active fish with Scout-4-Fish?.
 Skyline Precision Manufacturing Inc. -- Locking rod rack.
 SmarrtBobrr Company -- Fishing bite indicator.
 Snagaway Fishing Lure Retriever -- Lure Retriever will help anglers save lures that are snagged on underwater debris.
 Stabor? -- An unique locking method, all without tying a knot. Product information and instructions.
 Strike Sensor Fishing System -- Fishing strike indicator for tip-ups and line runs. Wireless, remote strike indicator.
 Sundot Marine Flags -- Manufactures sportfishing catch flags with easy to use velcro attachments.
 Super Fish Scaler -- Offers 2 styles in polypropylene and stainless steel. Tips, product video, links and instruction.
 Suremarker Fishing Buoy -- Find your fishing spot on sonar, then mark the fish by throwing the marker bouy.
 Swop-lok Angling Products -- The depth finder float.
 Tackle 2000 Inc. -- Rocket Bobber.
 Tackle Logic -- Hard plastic and soft bags tackle storage systems designed to organize the anglers tackle storage needs.
 Tackle Tamer Products Inc. -- Product information on a tackle box that organizes bait snells, spinners and steel leaders.
 TALS Tackle Systems -- Tackle storage system designed for the wade or boat fisherman.
 Tals-Fishing- The Practical Tackle System -- TALS is a tackle storage system that organizes, protects, and adapts to your tackle and fishing needs.
 Tangle-Free Lure Management System -- The TR 2000 is the perfect tournament day box.
 The Bait Pump -- Soft bait injection system.
 The Bullseye Buoy -- Fisherman's marker buoys.
 The Reel Thang -- The 'Reel Thang' is a solution to an age old problem that makes relining your fishing reel a one man job.
 The Robinson Retriever -- Designed for the recreational fisherman or boater to simplfy the task of hoisting hundreds of feet of fishing line to access their shrimp or crab traps.
 Tooltron Industries -- Your source for specialty hand tolls for Sport and Fly Fishing!
 TriX Fishing Products -- Fishing lures, gadgets, spinners and accessories.
 Twilighter Co. -- Bite indicating fishing float, that uses electronics.
 U-Reel-It -- Reel Re-liner enables you to re-line your reel no matter when or where you are without any assistance.
 Unique Blue Water Chairs -- Designed by fishermen for fishermen with comfort, style and durability in mind, designed and crafted in New Zealand.
 Wedge Outdoors -- Automatic stainless steel fish scalers.
 Wiggler Worm Tool -- This computer designed worm threader is easy to use and threads a worm fast and perfect. Unique needle design keeps worms alive.
 Wishes and Fishes -- Simplify baiting the hook with this worm threader.
 Zybex Crap Traps -- Crab trap made for use with rod and reel.

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