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 Alfie-Lou -- Jigs and Flies.
 American Hardwood Lures -- Hand crafted muskie crankbaits made of domestic hardwood.
 American Magic Bass Fishing Lures -- Hand-crafted bass fishing lures. Order online from stock or have any fresh or saltwater lure custom made to personal specifications.
 AnglersEdge - Custom Fishing Tackle -- Hand-poured plastic baits made super soft to ensure the most realistic movements possible. Packaged in salt for a natural attractant. Featuring a guide service.
 Assalt Premium Bass Lures -- Salt injected plastics baits.
 B and R Tackle -- Maker of pre-rigged scented plastic worms.
 B.A.'s Bait & Bassin' Shop -- Beastmaster custom crafted spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs.
 B2m Lures Bass Jigs and more -- The Torpedo Bass Jig, with its slim tapered head, mustad wide gap hook, and exclusive B2M skirts give 50% more strands for a slowfall.
 Bait Breath U.S.A. -- Fishing tackle.
 Bass Anglers Supply Shop -- Mike Roser lures and jigs.
 Bass Lure Reviews -- Reviews of some fishing lures.
 Bass Stalker Jigs -- Used for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, with their unique stand-up head design and slow fall.
 BassAckward Lures -- Bass fishing products including floating soft plastics, spinnerbaits, worms and jigs.
 Basswater Products -- Handmade spinner baits, jigs, popper, and dirty rat for bass and walleye.
 Battlefield Wire Products -- Manufacturer of component parts for fishing lures, custom wire forms, standard wire forms, buzz blades, jigging spoons, buzz-bait wire forms and other items.
 Big Sow -- Custom hand crafted baits.
 BlackJack Custom Baits -- Custom Crankbaits, Custom Baits, Custom Baits for the tournament angler, Hand carved crankbaits, hand made crankbaits, hand painted one of a kind, Freshwater Fishing,Balsa Crankbaits, Zoom Crankbaits,Poes Crankbaits,Bagley Crankbaits
 Blackjack Custom Baits -- Bass fishing jigs.
 Blue RIbbon Baits Crappie Buster Jigs -- Hand-tied crappie jigs manufactured by a Lake Fork Texas company.
 Broken Back Lure -- Imitates eel for catching stripers and other saltwater species.
 Bubba Jack's Virtual Tackle Shop -- Supply hard to find, handmade and imported bass fishing tackle.
 Buck's Bait -- Salmon squid and spoons. On-line ordering available.
 Bud'z Fishin' Way'z -- Manufacturer of Bobby Garland's Gitzit and Swordtail tube baits.
 Canyon Plastics -- The original Garry Garland Gitzit and Minijig fishing lures.
 Choice Industries -- Lead free Sneaky Sinker, Little Stinky attractant, and Shimmer which helps keep spinners clean and odor free.
 Cobra Bait -- Fishing lures.
 CR Spinners-fishinglures -- Catch fish by adding one of these spinner lures as bait to a fisherman's tackle for catching walleye, bass and pike.
 Curly's Lures -- Freshwater tackle.
 Daddy's Baits for Bass Fishing -- Custom handmade plastic baits. For bass fishing.
 Don Iovino Products -- Catalog and ordering information for bass lures, worms, jigs, instructional videos and guide service contact information.
 Don's Handcrafted Jigs -- Handcrafted bass fishing jigs featuring chip-proof paint and gamakatsu hooks, for largemouth and smallmouth.
 Drag-on Baits -- Soft plastic baits for bass fishing.
 Dreamweaver Lure Co. -- Tournament tested trolling spoons for salmon, steelhead and walleye fishing.
 Drop Shot Custom Plastics -- Hand poured soft plastic lures. Featuring a link to testimonials.
 Eiland Lure Company -- Unique, quality soft plastic worms and bass lures and clothing.
 Extreme Bass Lures -- Bass fishing tips and techniques for catching largemouth bass. Featuring a 'Bassin' message board.
 Fisherman's Corner -- Salmon, trout & steelhead spinners & components.
 Fisherman's Shack -- A G. Loomis Pro Shop offering custom rod and spinner building components. Specializes in salmon and steelhead angling gear.
 Fiskas.se ab -- Assortment of winter lures, wolfram jigs and other equipment for ice fishing.
 Fox River Bait Company -- Hard plastic crankbaits for all freshwater fish.
 Freshwater Tackle -- Home of the patented Concave Angle Jig offering today's fisherman quality fishing lures made of the finest materials.
 Fudally Tackle Company -- Manufacturer of a wide variety of fishing tackle, including spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jerkbaits. The inventor of the Reef Hawg muskie bait.
 Gambler-Bang Fishing Tackle -- Innovation, quality, and designed for the bass fisherman.
 Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits -- Manufacturer of salt impregnated soft. Tournament tested and proven. Secure online ordering.
 Gator Lures LLC -- Fishing Lures.
 Golden Bait Tackle -- Manufacture of spinner baits, buzz baits, walleye lures and jigs.
 H&P Tackle -- Specializing in buzz and spinner baits.
 Hagen's -- Specializes in manufacturing high quality fishing lure components and fishing rods.
 Hatfield Enterprises -- Freshwater jigs, buzz baits and spinners made from unique types of material.
 Hawgstomper Tackle Supply -- Hawgstomper Buzzbaits, Spinnerbaits & Jigs, in addition to a growing selection of other tackle items and tackle components.
 Heads 'n Tails Lures -- New Equalizer Craw craw lure bass fishing bass tackel fishing lures bass lures
 Herbie's Magic Dust -- For custom coloring fishing lures in less than a minute without smelly, messy paints or laquers.
 High Roller Bass Fishng Lures -- Originally created for largemouth bass fishing these hand-crafted top water lures are deadly on a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species.
 Hughes Custom Baits -- Painting custom paint schemes on any style hard-bodied crankbait, topwater and jerkbait.
 Hurricoma Lures -- Maker of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs.
 ISG Fishing Tackle -- Specializing in plastic and rubber tubes, worms, bass, walleye, and musky baits.
 Jack's Lures -- Custom jigs and lures. Jig heads are for panfish, crappie and sand bass. The ball head jig is hand cast and hand painted. They can be used for plastic twist tails, grub tails and shad bodies.
 Jackson Lures Unlimited -- A distributor of quality muskie fishing tackle - including lures, line, reels and landing cradles.
 Jaw Breaker Lures -- Custom made spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, cranks, topwater lures.
 JAW Spinnerbaits -- Spinnerbaits three sizes to choose from. Buy extra blades. Great fishing links page.
 Jensen Jigs -- Various styles of jig heads in numerous sizes for the bass and walleye fisherman. Also, custom molding and jig tying.
 Jerry's Flies -- Creators of in-line spinners and fly combinations.
 Jim Porter's Swimming Worm -- The Swimming Worm developed by Jim Porter.
 JustMusky.com -- Musky fishing lures, rods, and reels.
 Kamakazee Bait Co. -- Retail and wholesale of quality bass fishing tackle
 Katie Lure Company -- Custom made spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs
 Keeper Custom Worms -- Hand poured plastic lures. Includes contact information, dealers, and product information.
 Kline Tackle Company -- The Annihilator for musky bait. Includes a link to the tip of the month.
 L.A. Products -- Value oriented company offering large color selection of crappie tubes jigs U/L rods and reels at discount prices.
 Lake Clear Wabbler -- Trout fishing spoons.
 Lapperlures -- Manufacturer of musky spoons and planer board releases.
 Legendary Lures -- Handmade wooden fishing lures with a folk art tradition.
 Lightning Strike Lures -- Salmon and steelhead in line spinners.
 Lindy Little Joe, Inc. -- Offering the full line of walleye fishing tackle. Lindy Jigs, lures, Thill Floats, and System Tackle online.
 Living Rubber -- This company supplies skirting material to make fishing lures. Products include: Living Rubber, Silicone skirts and Lumaflex.
 Llungen Lures -- Manufacturers of muskie and northern pike lures including the glide baits Jerko and Squirko.
 Lohr's Lures -- Handcrafted Bass crankbaits and lures.
 Longhorne Lures Ltd. -- Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, wormharness, drifter tackle, and various other lures, custom made for retail, wholesale and distributors.
 Luck "E" Strike -- Fishing lures.
 Lucky Craft USA Homepage -- Japanese crankbaits, jerkbaits, and topwaters.
 MacDonald Lures -- Innovative naturally buoyant fishing lures effective on a variety of game fish including salmon steelhead trout walleye and bass Three ways to order.
 Mc Swimbaits -- Custom hand-poured lure manufacturer.
 McKenzie Tackle -- Marabou Jigs for steelhead.
 Michigan Stinger -- Salmon, steelhead, lake trout and walleye fishing spoons from Advance Tackle Co.
 Millennium Lures -- Fishing lures using new technology rubber coating for no chipping. Soft bait impregnated with sour makes our bait completely realistic.
 Mister Twister -- 'The Original' master builder of the 'Curly Tail concept.'
 Mudeye Fishing Lures -- Crankbait manufacturer offering several styles of lures.
 Muskie Bay Tackle Company -- Lures, custom rods and tackle items.
 Musky Mania Tackle -- Manufacturer of 'The Burt' jerkbait and an assortment of crankbaits. Includes a photo gallery.
 Nils Master Fishing Lures -- Shop online or browse their tackle catalog for lures and ice fishing jigging shads. Hand painted lures, individually tank tuned for fishing success.
 Northland Fishing Tackle -- Quality fishing tackle for panfish, bass, walleye, trout, northern pike and muskie. Free catalog and fishing guide.
 Panther-Martin -- Freshwater bladed lures for all purposes.
 Persuader American Angling Bass Baits -- High quality spinner, buzz and jig baits for the serious bass angler.
 Pfeiffer Tackle Co. -- ZigZag jerk bait and other custom musky lures.
 Phantom Lures - Phantom Jig -- A unique jig for bass fishing.
 Plum Creek Lures -- Links to e-bay, pictures of antique fishing equipment and lures.
 Producto Lure -- Bass fishing lures, soft plastics, buzz baits, crank baits, and spinner baits.
 Prowler Lures -- Soft plastic lures.
 R and S Baits -- Chatter Buzz, a tournament grade buzz bait with unique features that enables a slower retrieve and creates a sound different from other buzz baits on the market.
 Rainbow Jigs -- Hand-tied fishing jigs for steelhead salmon and trout.
 RC Tackle -- Bass fishing lures, spinnerbait, buzzbaits, jigs, tube baits, and tube craws.
 Redneck Lures -- Spinner baits and blade lures.
 Rhino Lures -- Custom made muskie fishing lures and accessories.
 Rippler Lures -- Buzzbaits and the loudest rattling jigs available
 River Bottom Lures -- The 'Getsem', a soft plastic lure.
 River Raptor Lures -- Build fishing lures with kits and components for salmon, trout, steelhead, and other game fish.
 Rocky Ledge Bass Tackle -- Manufacturer of handmade, 100% lead-free spinner baits, buzz baits and jigs.
 SafeCasters - Economical Fishing Weights -- Environmentally safe fishing weights non-toxic and non-metallic to help combat toxic lead weights lost by fishermen everyday in our precious waters.
 Salmon and Steelhead Jigs -- Custom made with furs and palmered marabou feathers.
 Santee River Lure Company -- Custom built soft plastics, jigs and spoons.
 Schunke Hydraulic Fishing Lures -- For musky fishing.
 Scott's Tackle Shop -- Floating lures, and diving lures.
 Silverfox Tackle -- Walleye spinner and float rigs.
 Spinnerbaits by Secret WeaponŽ Lures -- Revolutionary spinnerbaits with exclusive quick change blades.
 SPRO Corporation -- Fishng lures.
 SRPLASTICS -- Plastic fresh water fishing baits, plastic worms, craw trailers and jerk shads.
 Stalker Bait Company -- Rubber baits and jigs.
 Stopper Lures -- Tackle for freshwater gamefish. Features a line of Mark Romanack Signature Series walleye lures.
 Storm Lures -- Crankbaits and soft plastic baits. Includes product information.
 Strike On Lures -- Hammerin' Hare lure series of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs featuring rabbit hair skirts.
 Super Slayer Tackle Company -- Manufacturer of the popular Slowie brand of musky fishing lures, featuring hand crafted crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinners.
 T & T Tackle -- Hand poured and painted jigs.
 Tackle This, Quality Fishing Components -- Tackle This,quality fishing components for bass and walleye fishing, including tubes, spinnerbaits, Daiichi jigs, grubs, and tube jigs.
 Terminator Muskie Lures -- Terminator muskie lures, handcrafted hardwood crankbaits for trophy muskys, tiger muskies, and pike. Visit our site for models, colors and on-line order form.
 The Tackle Box -- Online ordering. Specializing in custom made baits for bass and muskie. Large selection of hard to find muskie baits.
 TNT Lures -- Plastic worms with several styles and colors.
 Triumph Jigs -- Use for any freshwater fish. Choose your own size and color.
 Tuff Shad Lures -- Handcrafted muskie lures for the trollers and casters.
 Viking Fishing -- Fishing lures, wobblers and spinners
 Violent Strike Lures -- Fishing lures.
 Voyageur Tackle -- Specializing in hand-tied fishing tackle rigs.
 Washington Lure and Bait -- Manufacturer offering a selection of trout fishing lures. Spoons and flutter spoons. With information on trout fishing in New Hampshire.
 Weapon Outdoors Inc. -- Michigan based wholesale distributor of Great Lakes fishing tackle. Muskie lures, Trout and Salmon spoons, salmon flashers, tackle boxes, ice fishing jigs and downrigger mounting systems.
 Weaver Lure -- Spoons, spinners, and threaders. Multi species freshwater lures.
 Western Hand Poured Lures -- Custom colored and scented extra soft plastic lures including worms, lizards, shad, and crayfish.
 Wisher Lures -- Quality tackle for Muskies and other large gamefish. Offers a 'Weedless Bucktail', topwater Wisher Wood baits, leaders and live bait sucker rigs.
 Wittmann Lures -- Trout fishing lures for spincasting.
 Wobblers, spinners and soft bait lures. -- Hard wobblers in 3 versions: floaters, divers and skimmer. Spinners with streamers. Soft bait artificial lures shape to look like worm, shrimp and fish. Jig head hooks.
 Worden's Lures And Yakima Bait Company -- Featuring the Rooster Tail, FlatFish, Spin-N-Glo, Lil's Corky and other fine lures for salmon, walleye, and bass.
 Zoom Bait Company -- Fishing lures.

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