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 A. Noland Handcrafted Bamboo Rods -- Producing quality bamboo rods, designed to meet the demands of today's fly fishermen/women. Modern and classic tapers Complete restoration and repair service.
 Ackland Bamboo Flyrods -- Handbuilt bamboo flyrods and components.
 Anglers Collectibles Exchange -- Bamboo cane fly rod collectors site. Buy, sell and trade cane rods here. Also vintage silk thread, books, tools, supplies and more in the online store.
 AV Young Split Bamboo Fly Rods -- AV Young Split Bamboo Fly Rods are made by Tony Young.
 Baginski Fly Rods -- Hand made fly rods in Bamboo.
 Bamboo Bill Rods -- Includes description of tapers, testimonials, order information, and contact details. Also offers private rodmaking lessons.
 Bamboo Fly Rods by W.S. Oyster -- Handmade bamboo fly rods designed to compliment a passion for fly-fishing.
 Bamboo Rodmakers Database Program -- A quality database program for the members of the bamboo flyrod makers community.
 Bamboo Rodmaking Tips -- This is an archive of tips taken from the 'Rodmakers' mailing list and also a directory of sources for making bamboo rods.
 Bamboo Rods Site -- We are always looking for Bamboo Flyrods, please let us know if you have something for sale or trade.
 Bill Joslin's Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods -- Handmade Fly Rods and Landing Nets for the avid fly fisherman.
 Bjarne Fries Rods -- Splitcane made in Denmark.
 Boyd Rod Company -- Hand Built Bamboo Flyrods by Harry Boyd, Jr. Also info on building your own bamboo fly rod.
 Brack Hill Tackle Bamboo Fly Rods -- Construction of split bamboo fly rods and fly fishing information.
 Brandin Split-Cane Rods -- Per Brandin Split cane rods offer solid or hollowbuilt four strip rods or six strip rods.
 Broad River Bamboo Rod Company -- I don?t think there is a better exemple of tradition in the sport and hobby of fly fishing than a well made handcrafted bamboo fly rod.
 Brookside Rod Co. -- Builder of hand crafted best quality bamboo fly rods. Orders for Classic Series, Quadrate rods, Nymph Series and Freestone Series rods are currently running a bit more than six months.
 Cane Rod Fishing -- Some Fishing Trips and Cane Rods - a photo album.
 Cane Rod Links -- This Site is dedicated to providing a central source to Cane on the Web.
 Cane Rodbuilding FAQ -- The topic 'Other Cane Rod Sites' is especially helpful for finding out more. There are links to restoration experts, rod tapers, you name it. Also the FAQ site is very helpful.
 Catherine Creek Rod Company -- Maker of Catherine Creek Rods.
 Charles H. Demarest, Inc. -- Exclusive Importers of Quality Tonkin Cane For Crafting Flyrods.
 Chattahoochee Bamboo Fly Rods -- Custom bamboo fly rods designed for the mountains of the southeast.
 Clark's Classic Fly Rods -- for Bamboo fly rods and Fiberglass fly rods. Designed for those that fish, collect. repair, and build bamboo and fiberglass fly rods.
 Classic Cane -- A Source for Traditionalist Anglers.
 Classic Fly Fishing Tackle and Rods -- Stein Fishin' Classic Bamboo Fly Rods for sale, trade, or purchase.
 Cunningham Flyrods -- Bamboo flyrods -- hand-planed and custom made.
 D. G. Schroeder Rod Co. -- Includes photographs, models and prices, and contact details.
 D.W. Hildebrand Custom Rods -- Includes price list, inventory, description of custom fittings, and information about the maker.
 Denver Dave?s Vintage Bamboo Fly Rods -- Specializing in fine Vintage & Custom hand crafted Bamboo Fly Rods.
 Downandacross Rod Company -- specialize in fine bamboo fly rods. They build each by hand, using both classic hand split and modern 'nodeless' construction.
 F.E. Thomas Rod Co. -- Includes company history, models and prices, and contact information.
 Fishinstix -- on the pages to follow, I will introduce my rods, methods, techniques and tools. Hopefully, I can also enlighten someone in the process.
 Gatti Bamboo Rods -- are produced in a limited quantity (only 25-30 rods per year) and completely handcrafted using very high quality materials.
 Golden Witch Tech., Inc. -- They offer cane rodmaking tools, components and custom built rods.
 Grantham Split Cane Fly Rods -- Includes maker's profile, information about tools and methods, and photographs.
 H.L. Jennings Bamboo Rods -- A well designed rod can produce a straight cast and a nice tight loop with ease and control. This should be accomplished whether fishing a short or long line.
 Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co. -- Includes rod features and photographs, prices, and contact information.
 Hexastyle Bamboo Rod Makers -- Bamboo rods made in Japan in a mixture of Asian beauty and American tradition.
 Hill Country Bamboo Fly Rods -- Modern fast action bamboo fly rods from Canada with two distinct tips.
 J. E. Arguello Rod Company -- Only a cane rod is capable if casting dry flies with such delicacy. Only cane has that special response when you are landing a fish. Fishing bamboo is a truly classic experience.
 J.J. King Bamboo Fly Rods -- Includes services and product information.
 JD Wagner Rodmaker -- Fine split cane rods. Rodbuilding tools and classes. Bamboo rod restoration and repair.
 JW Bamboo Flyrods -- They are a full service bamboo rod building shop. If you are building, or restoring a bamboo rod and have a question, they promise to help.
 L. H. Design -- Hand built flyfishing tackle by Leen Huisman.
 Lajoie Bamboo Rod Maker -- Most of their taper are from the master himself, Everett Garisson.
 Lon Blauvelt's Custom Bamboo Fly Rods -- Bamboo flyrod building classes and building hardware including, planing forms, rod binders, and depth gauges.
 Loverti Custom Cane Fly Rods -- Joseph Loverti offers valuable advice and information for building, restoring, and purchasing split bamboo fly fishing rods.
 Matthew West -- Description of available rods, philosophy, terms and pricing.
 Pezon & Michel Bamboo Rods -- Legendary French bamboo fly rods designed by Charles Ritz also fly reels and silk fly lines.
 Pickard Rod Co. -- Tonkin Cane Bamboo Fly Rods crafted in the Dickerson Tradition.
 R.K Bolt Rod Co -- R.K Bolt Rod Co is the successor of the Bamboo rod shop of the late Gary H. Howells.
 R.L. Nunley Bamboo Rods -- Custom Built Hand Planed Bamboo (cane) fly rods by R.L. Nunley
 R.W. Summers Bamboo Fly Rods Company -- Summers? has built and repaired quality bamboo flyrods since 1956.
 Reelwood Inc. -- Hand-crafted bamboo (split cane) fly rods built one at a time by an accomlished fishing enthusiast.
 Richard's Classic Bamboo Rods -- Specializing in old cane fly rods, also tackle and reels, to buy or consign.
 Rifflewater Rod Company -- A site dedicated to helping flyfishers locate top quality Bamboo/Cane fly rods. Wood Impregnation service available. Rodmaker- Randall R. Gregory
 Rocky River Splitcane Rods -- Richard Teeter, maker. Includes rod features and options, description of methods, and contact information.
 Rodmakers -- The goal of this page is an attempt to continue the fine work already done by Mike Biondo by providing an archive site for the Rodmakers Listserver.
 Ron Kusse Fly Rods -- Maker of split cane fishing rods for over 51 years. Former Vice President of H.L. Leonard rod company. Offering split-cane flyrods, split cane flyrod blanks, quadrate fly rod blanks, hexagonal fly rod blanks and other fishing tackle.
 Santiam Rod Company. -- Here the Bellinger Company components are coupled with cane, cork, silk and steel, and finished to perfection resulting in the Santiam bamboo fly rods.
 Shenandoah Rods -- Maker of custom split bamboo fly rods and presenter of rodmaking classes.
 Split Cane builder Robert W. Summers -- 'From the raw shaft, there is still a lot of work before it becomes a rod', follow mr McFarlane in the steps of Rod Builder Robert W. Summers.
 Split Cane Fishing Rods -- Classic, split cane bamboo rod presentation from Resources For Anglers
 Sporting Collectibles -- is a home-based hobby/business specializing in repair, refinishing, and restoring cane (bamboo) fishing rods.
 SweetWater Rods -- Hand planed bamboo rods, components & accessories. Bamboo rod building workshops. Models from 6'3'-8'6', 3-6wt. Custom tapers available.
 The Bike-Mender's Homepage -- 'Mathematics and Fly Fishing', uses some pretty advanced flyrod calculations.
 The Cane Clinic -- specializing in complete bamboo rod restoration.
 The CW Jenkins Fly Rods -- C.W. and Steve Jenkins are builders of fine cane fly rods since 1961.
 The F.D. Lyons Rod Company -- Maker of bamboo and fiberglass flyrods.
 The Hidy Rod Company -- Makers of high quality split bamboo flyfishing rods.
 The J. C. Zimny Rod Company -- They think that the rod must fish well - it must do all the things a rod should do and it must be pleasant to cast and also look good.
 The Ken Olson Bamboo Site -- Bamboo Fly Rods, Restoration and Refinishing.
 The Munro Rod Company -- uses modern building techniques to produce the finest, aesthetically traditional split-cane fly rods available.
 The Paul H. Young Company -- For three generations, spanning more than eighty years, the Paul H. Young Co. has endeavored to produce the finest bamboo fly fishing rods. This pursuit continues.
 The Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library -- This site seeks to provide a listing of published materials that deal directly or indirectly with Bamboo Fly Rods.
 Thomas Penrose Bamboo Site -- showing examples not only of portrait paintings, still lifes, trompe l'oeil, figure drawing, but also Cane Rod making.
 Tim Preusch & Co. -- Bamboo rodmaking equipment.
 Troutchaser Rod Company -- Located on the Bow R. in Calgary they are the makers of quality bamboo rods and hand nets.
 White River Artisans, -- Aspiring artisans learn to build bamboo flyrods, canoes, violin bows, also fly fishing beside the beautiful White River in the Ozark Mountains in Cotter, Arkansas.
 Wohlford Bamboo Fly Rods -- Makers of handcrafted split bamboo fly rods. Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design.
 Yerry Bamboo Rods -- Andrew's Custom Made Fly Rods Are Fast Finding There Way Into The Rod Collections Of Many Local Anglers.
 Yukihiro Yoshida Bamboo Fly Rods -- Tonkin bamboo is ideal for fishing rods and it has wonderful characters. Here the angler can find his pick.

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