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 Blackness Veterinary Surgery -- Offers ferret health advice.
 Country pursuits today - Hunting with Ferrets (Ferreting) -- The ferret, hunting, Code of Conduct, seasons, FAQ. From the Countryside Alliance.
 Country Sports and Country Life - Hunting with Ferrets -- Information on the use of ferrets in hunting rabbits.
 Ferret FAQ - Natural History -- Information about the natural history of ferrets (Mustela [putorius] furo): Morphology, history, and taxonomy.
 Ferret Health Care School -- Advice on ferret health and how to keep your ferret healthy.
 ferretfatcamp -- a site about all aspects of working show and pet ferrets
 Ferreting and Rabbeting -- Site devoted to catching rabbits with ferrets, providing advice on ferret handling and a photo gallery.
 Ferrets First -- Bi-monthly publication available by subscription for anyone with a 'ferret lifestyle'.
 Ferretting.net -- Fun look at ferreting for rabbits in the Highlands of Scotland with pictures of the ferrets. Suggest names for baby ferrets.
 Field Sports - Ferreting -- Why ferreting is a more humane way of controlling rabbits than the alternatives: gassing, snaring, shooting and myxomatosis.
 Graham Downing Photography -- Extensive UK library of photographic images ranging across all aspects of field sports, agriculture and country life. A page of ferreting and falconry photographs is included.
 Hants & Berks Ferret Club -- Enthusiasts dedicated to the promotion and general well being of working, domestic and rescue ferrets. Includes show dates, meeting schedule and contact information. Based in the North Hampshire/Berkshire area.
 Harry's Ferret Pages -- Pictures and tales about past and present ferrets with a photo gallery of a day ferreting.
 Illern -- Swedish site with general information on ferrets. An English translation is included.
 Irish Field Sports Home Page -- Site which covers the history of all field sports in Ireland including ferreting.
 Kelb Tal-Fenek: Typical Rabbit Hunting in Malta -- Account of a rabbit hunting trip in Malta using ferrets and dogs.
 Pakefield Ferrets -- History and practise of ferreting. Ordering information for the book 'Ferrets: Taking Their Work & Welfare Into the 21st Century'. Simon Whitehead.
 Rabbit Hunters -- A group for rabbit hunters who use methods such as ferret, lurcher or air rifle, where hints, tips, methods & tales of rabbiting and small game hunting can be shared.
 Rabbit hunting with ferrets -- A Hunter's Diary from DownUnder, the journal of Jack Fleming, an Australian hunter.
 Robert Thorne Estate Supplies -- Ferreting and netting supplies. Ordering information. Dumfriesshire, UK.
 The 'Friendly' Rabbit Trap -- Rabbit traps for ferreting. Ordering information.
 The Hunters Lair - For The Hunting Community -- A site for the hunting community, which covers working ferrets, dogs and falconry. Site hosts chat rooms and contains ferret links, galleries and classified ads.
 The Unofficial Ferret Hand Book -- Information on keeping ferrets - grooming, health, and other information.
 The Wessex Ferret Club -- Formed to promote the general welfare of the ferret, and to offer advice on housing, feeding, ailments and general husbandry. Includes meeting schedule, newsletter, photos, stories and links. Located in the UK.
 The World of the Working Ferret -- Informative insight into working ferrets, their origins, instincts and care, plus stories and articles from the countryside.
 Woolston Ferret Club -- Chris Lloyd's Dog and Ferret Club. Using ferrets in Hampshire.

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